12 December 2016

Climbing Mountains...10% of a Goat

I recently passed the 100 points mark for SOTA Activations.  My goal is to achieve "Mountain Goat" status, which requires 1,000 points...at current rates, I estimate that will take me at least 5 years and probably more!  It's not easy, but actually it's nice to have a long-term goal.  You cannot rush your way to the Summit!

I also recently reached the 500 point level as a SOTA Chaser.  Points as a Chaser come much more rapidly.  My goal as a Chaser is to achieve "Shack Sloth" status, again requiring 1,000 points...at current rates I will likely be a Shack Sloth by early spring, 2017.  I really enjoy working other operators who have made the effort to reach the highest peaks, some of which are very challenging.