19 September 2007

Some Good DX on 20

This morning I managed to have a little fun on 20 meters before heading off to work. Managed to work Czech Republic, Sweden, Ukraine, and Market Reef. This was a nice surprise since last night 20 meters was as quiet as it could possibly be.
The Market Reef contact was with OJ0B and is a DXpedition planned to be active for only about 9 days. They came back to me immediately so I guess we had a nice pipeline going. I'm amazed at guys who do these DXpeditions. This one required a helicopter fly-in and apparently they have already had to deal with bad wx conditions.
Alas my antenna is not behaving well at all, 20 is fine but the other bands are not. I'm working on a plan to do some antenna work very soon, hopefully before contest season really gets rolling.

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