21 October 2007

Tucson Hamfest

Yesterday was the annual hamfest, sponsored by Old Pueblo Radio Club. The hamfest was held at Tucson Electric Park and got going bright and early in the morning. I didn't arrive at sunrise but I heard that's when things got started, as usual. There were two rows of seller's tables, with plenty of good deals and stuff that no one can live without (or that no one wants, depending on your perspective). Hamfests certainly support the idea that one man's junk is another man's treasure.

I had planned to sell some junk but changed my mind the night before. I also didn't buy too much, just a few odds and ends like a wire cutter, mobile speaker, and some Anderson Powerpoles. I also got a free Alinco DJ-X10 wideband receiver, but as I expected when I got home and tried to power it up, no luck. I did get a chance to see lots of friends there, and also managed to get a bit of a sunburn.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


did you ever get the DJX10 up and running? I'd either be willing to offer some pionters, or maybe lighten your load if you've given up on it

good luck
ps: I've got three and love them...