28 December 2007

Hamming it Up at Cub Scout Camp

Here's my junior op Jason, making a 2 meter QSO this morning at the Catalina Council Winter Day Camp. The camp consists of 2 days of various activities, one of which was a ham radio demonstration set up by the ARRL AZ SM Tom Fagan, K7DF (that's his new call). Tom recruited a bunch of other hams to come help him, and they did a wonderful job enticing the kids with 4 different stations. The boys made a simple circuit, practiced morse code and phonetic alphabet, learned to solder, and operated the 2 meter radio under the watchful eye of one of the volunteer hams.

Out of the 16 activities that they did, Jason says he liked the ham radio station the best. That makes me happy! He's probably getting old enough to start studying for the technician license, and although he has plenty of daily opportunities to operate my radios, he tends to take that for granted. So having the setup at the camp was a whole lot better than me just inviting him to come in to the shack.
By the way, what you can't tell from this picture is that it was only about 40 degrees out there at the time. We've been in a cold spell lately.

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