01 September 2016

Wallpaper From SOTA!

My first SOTA awards have arrived!  These two are basic Chaser awards - a fun start to my SOTA wallpaper collection, which I hope will eventually expand to include Activator awards as well.

The Chaser awards are given for contacts made from my home QTH to stations that are activating a summit somewhere.

Most of my QSO's so far as a Chaser have been with stations in WA, OR, CA, NM, and CO.  This is partly due to my current HOA-limited home station, and partly due to generally weak propagation conditions.

Sometimes I log in remotely from my office to my home, and make a QSO using the CWX function of my SDR.  But I prefer to use an actual code paddle when possible instead of computer-generating the CW, it's just more fun.

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