29 August 2007

Ten-Ten Convention

This being a new blog, I'll post a few "catch-up" items. It also might take me a few posts to learn how to best use this blogging system.

Back on August 9th, 2007, I attended the Board of Directors meeting for Ten-Ten International Net in Omaha, Nebraska. On the 10th - 12th, we had the biannual Convention. It was a great time, with close to 200 10 meter enthusiasts spending their weekend together. We held "parking lot" nets, including both voice and psk31 nets.

Despite the poor propagation at this point in the sunspot cycle, 10 meters is alive and well; we continue to bring in many new members each month. The membership numbers are right on the verge of passing #75,000. The Board voted on several enhancements to our member benefits, including my suggestion of making all 10-10 awards free to members. I'm sensing an upswing in ham radio interest these days - it seems like more hams, including myself, are eager for action. Perhaps it is because we've all been waiting long enough for the cycle to head back up. I think there is also some increase resulting from the FCC's dropping of the code requirement back in February. I cannot wait to see what it will be like when propagation improves.

I set up a little station in my room while I was in Omaha, using a Yaesu FT-817 and an MP-1 antenna. I used this setup for both voice and psk31 contacts.

To see more photos of the event, go to http://www.kr7rk.com/tenten2007.htm

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