30 August 2007

Up on the Rooftop

Last Saturday I joined AA7HX, KB7LMI, and K2VNT for a little bit of antenna work. We were making repairs to the K7RST repeater here in Tucson, which operates on 448.325 MHz. The mast holding the antenna is a push-up type and had slid down quite a bit; that resulted in slack in the guy lines, which caused a bending of the mast.

Although we were able to push the mast back up and lock it down on the bottom section, we couldn't work on the upper sections without taking the whole thing down. Also, the bending is probably not repairable. So we improved it and probably lengthened its life a little, but more work definitely is needed.

The picture shows me looking up, with Ted and Dave standing nearby. More pictures are on my website.

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