02 September 2007

Conventions and Hamfests

Ham Radio provides some great opportunities for social interaction, technical advancement, and personal growth. All of these can occur over the airwaves but it's always great fun to attend a convention, hamfest, or local club meeting.

I've been fortunate to attend many of these, sometimes as a general attendee and others as an exhibitor or even a speaker. I can't think of a single time that I have gone to a ham radio event and not had a good time.

I'm in the process of a major shack overhaul and while I was cleaning up the top shelf of my workbench, I came across a number of name badges from various events. Usually I save them as a souvenir, and I have quite a pile now. Here is a picture of a few of them.

Conventions are on my mind since I just attended the 10-10 International Net Convention a few weeks ago, and next week I'll be at the ARRL Southwest Division Convention.

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