04 September 2007

Shack Renovation Nearing Completion

"Completion" is a relative term because one thing I have learned is that the ham shack is never really complete. It's a continual, ongoing process of changing, improving, and shuffling around of stuff. A true ham shack is more like an experimental playroom, with radios moving around and testing different equipment and arrangements.

I was fortunate to build this bench about 15 years ago, out of simple particle board. I used a 4'x8' piece as the main desk, so it really is big. But I've had no problem filling up the space, even before computers took a prominent place. My recent clean-up has included removing a huge mess of gear from the top shelf - I would have been embarrassed to show a pre-cleanup photo!

One of the best things about this workbench is that since it's not some fancy-shmancy piece of furniture, I am completely unafraid to drop solder balls or spill some ink on it.

Many rigs have come and gone from this bench. To name a few of the "bigger" ones, an Icom 735, Yaesu FT-1000MP, Kenwood TS-2000, Icom 706, and the latest one, seen in this photo, is a Yaesu FT-2000D. I like the big rigs, and have learned that there really is a major difference between ham radios. The '2000D has superb audio and I just love the high-tech output to the LCD monitor on the left.

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